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Today I will Choose Joy

Choose Joy

Joy…What exactly is “Joy“? And what does it mean to “Choose Joy“?

When you hear the word Joy, what do you think of? I think of happiness, excitement, pure delight, exaltation, and rejoicing! It is also the confidence that God is with us, always.

So how do we choose joy and why do we need to? Unless you are a super positive and happy person who doesn’t let anything at all bother you, you need to actually choose joy. 

Most of us are not happy and carefree all the time. Most of us have to make a conscious effort to be joyful and positive, and realize that we are so blessed with God’s presence in our lives.

I created this printable to remind me of this choice. I will choose Joy today!  I’n not going to worry about tomorrow, but I will try to be joyful and happy today. I will respond to God’s blessing with excitement and delight.

Free Printable

Today I will Choose Joy

The printable is an 8 x 10 framable piece of art that can be downloaded here.  

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